#12 TLDR: A Summary of all the Product Strategy Frameworks

Plus all the step-by-step exercises in one place to help you define your company’s product strategy.

I’ve got lots of Product Strategy videos at www.gibsonbiddle.com.
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Eight potential hard-to-copy attributes with examples for Netflix.
  • Do the proxy metrics adhere to the following structure? Percentage of (members/new customers/returning customers) who do at least (the minimum threshold for user action) by (X period in time).
  • Is each proxy metric measurable? Moveable? Not an average? Are you confident that your proxy metric correlates to your high-level metric? Is the metric gameable?
Articulation of the product strategy for the Netflix personalization pod.
The GLEe model is applied to Netflix. (The TV show, “Glee” is one of my guilty pleasures.)

Product Vision

  1. Get Big on _______________
  2. Lead ____________________
  3. Expand __________________
  1. Monetization: As measured by lifetime value and gross margin

Final Assignment

Last words



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