#2 From DHM to Product Strategy

You have ideas to delight customers, to build hard to copy advantages and experiment with your business model. Now what?

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In 2007, Netflix’s exclusive content effort, “Red Envelope Studios,” failed. But by 2012, with its economies of scale, Netflix had a hard to copy advantage through its original content.
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Think of product strategy as hypotheses about how you hope to delight customers in hard to copy, margin-enhancing ways. The strategies in green accomplished all three. Those in yellow accomplished 1 or 2 of the objectives. The strategies in red failed to delight and consequently did not deliver either hard to copy advantage or margin. The two last strategies are current/future experiments — outcome unknown at this time.

Product Strategy Exercise (#4)

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Former VP/CPO at Netflix/Chegg. Now speaker, teacher, & workshop host. Learn more here: www.gibsonbiddle.com or here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gibsonbiddle/

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