#5 Working Bottom-up

Scan your project list to identify themes and define your product strategy.

Teams at Glassdoor define their product strategy at one of my Product Strategy workshops.
  • reduce text and explanations
  • provide step-by-step guides for new members
  • use customer support dispositioning data to isolate mistakes
  • eliminate unused features or functions
  • provide context-sensitive information (progressive disclosure)
  • provide easy access to self-help systems.
The Netflix Help Center today — a clean, white space, clearly prioritized with access via search or FAQs.

Product Strategy Exercise (#7)

Look at the list of projects you believe are essential, then sort them to identify high-level themes. These themes are potential product strategies. Now re-evaluate your “Product Strategy/Metric/Tactic Lockup” to see if it warrants changes or edits.



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