# 6 A Strategy for Each Swimlane

How to define the strategies, proxy metrics, and projects for each pod

The “Ratings Wizard,” part of an explicit taste strategy, collected many ratings in the late 2000s.
  • The percentage of new members who rate at least 50 movies in their first six weeks with the service.
The product strategy for the Personalization swimlane, circa 2006
  • Netflix would gather lots of taste data from its members — either through explicit ratings or implicit behavior (titles they “hovered over” or added to their queue).
  • The team would gather lots of data about each movie — genre, actors, directors, whether it was a “feel-good, leave your brains at the door comedy,” and other detailed attributes of each film.
  • Given an in-depth knowledge of members’ movie tastes, and data about each movie, matching algorithms would connect members with personalized movie choices.
  • Personalization
  • New member acquisition
  • Social (“Friends”)
  • DVD merchandising
  • Help & Account
  • Used DVD sales
  • Advertising

Product Strategy Exercise (#8)

For each swimlane in your product organization, identify the proxy metric each product leader will move — their high-level engagement metric for their pod — along with strategies, proxy metrics, and projects. Ideally, this work is done by the product leader for each swim lane.



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