1. ) How do I see this concretely inform development methodologies.

I assume you mean how teams build stuff? This isn’t the focus of the meeting but to a degree, some best practices in test design/execution/analysis, for instance, were shared and adopted across pods, based on the work in one area that served as an effective role model for others.

  1. Question: Competitive differentiation?

I find that successful, fast-growing startups don’t spend too much time thinking about and focused on their competition. At some point, they define their own game and relentlessly work to get better on important dimensions for their business. In the early days of Netflix, the obvious competitor was Blockbuster. Netflix was able to offer fast delivery of DVDs via mail at a great price with a huge selection of DVDs.

Later, as Hulu and Apple grew as online video providers our world view was that we would stick to our own game (a good selection of streaming content for about ten bucks where personalization would help you find movies you’ll love, but we accepted that we couldn’t provide all the movies that folks wanted). Hulu was advertising-supported “next day” episodic TV content — and we chose to stay out of advertising. Apple TV enabled “a la carte” movie downloads/streaming — we chose not to do this. Both are examples of Netflix “sticking to its knitting.”

Today, through original content like, “Orange is the New Black” you’re seeing the scenario where Netflix is trying to “Out HBO” HBO before HBO “Out Netflixes” Netflix. I am clearly biased but think that Netflix is winning.

Thank you for your question. It is very helpful to me.

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