I’m building lots of new virtual talks, workshops & exec events this fall.

And I’m looking for entrepreneurs, product, and marketing leaders to participate in my free, “test-drives.”

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If you haven’t seen one of my virtual talks, I focus on product management, product strategy, consumer science, career hacking, and culture. All of my talks are highly interactive as I combine Google Slides and Slido for highly engaging experiences. I also do lots of “What would you do?” cases about companies you know and love — like Netflix. Sometimes I use Zoom virtual rooms to enable you to discuss cases with product leader peers around the world. You’ll learn a lot and have fun. And all of my test-drive events are free.

You can get on my email list to be invited to one of my “test-drive” events by clicking here.

You can also learn more about me and my talks here: gibsonbiddle.com.

I look forward to meeting you virtually.



Gibson Biddle


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