Ask Gib: “What specifics in a daily routine separate a good Product Manager from a great Product Manager?”

Short answer: Begin your day with intent, minimize meetings, spend time with customers, manage your own career, balance time between doing/thinking, plus some other good habits (don’t watch TV!).

That’s me, teaching a product strategy workshop In Dublin.

Most product leaders spend their time doing the necessary evils of their job and get sucked into too many meetings. Here are the areas where I encourage product leaders to spend more (and less) time:

Be proactive

Spend time with customers

Spend time both thinking & doing

Manage your and other’s careers

Other good habits

The challenge: no one has enough time to do it all. So here is one suggestion to free up time:

A Typical Month

It’s hard to map all of these activities to a daily schedule, but over a month, try to do the following:

Customer focus

Balance of thinking and doing (to develop long-term focus)

Manage your career

Each month:


I know it doesn’t feel like it, but you have more latitude in managing your time than you think. Manage your time wisely:

I hope you found this helpful. If you’re interested in reading more of my essays, I write a free product newsletter called “Ask Gib” on Substack: subscribe here.


Gibson Biddle

PS. Here are some of my favorite essays on both Medium and “Ask Gib”:



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